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  Orijin Stone
Catalog Design
January 2014


ORIJIN STONE provides the most exclusive, and best variety, of natural stone paving and coordinating products.

ORIJIN STONE owners John and Nicole wanted to connect with architects, landscape designers and masons at the MNLA Green Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Nicole and I worked together to create a 24-page catalog that clearly outlines product information along side full-page photographs of their high-quality stone products.



  Scarlet A Design
August 2013

Beautifully Intricate and Made to Last

Hand-cast fine silver pendants and delicate organic details are the hallmark of Amanda Kopplin's Scarlet A Design jewelry. Beautifully intricate and made to last, her uniquely inspired vision bridges the style gap between special occasion and ready-to-wear.

Each piece is comprised of collected and handcrafted elements connected by forged sterling and tied with silk threads. Every detail matters, down to the custom hooks.

Design for the Arts worked with Amanda to refresh her brand so that it would reflect the same imagination and sophistication that goes into each Scarlet A Design piece.

These letterpress jewelry display cards were created with a hole at the top to attach MOO MiniCards that can be easily and affordably interchanged. (Amanda's brilliant idea.)

We were able to integrate the new look into her website without redesign, keeping the budget low, and strengthened brand visibility by working the new logo and brand elements into Facebook, Twitter and email newsletter campaigns.

    Scarlet A Design


  ORIJIN Stone
Brand DEVELOPMENT / Website
June 2013

offers a comprehensive selection of natural stone products from all over the world. They work with architects, builders, designers, landscape masons and pool contractors. Their clients choose them for their ability to offer the most distinctive products of the highest quality. Each order is hand-selected.

Working Together

Design for the Arts works closely with ORIJIN STONE ensure that their brand continues to reflect the growth of their company.

We work collaboratively to ensure that the ORIJIN STONE brand continues to reflect the growth of their company. The updated website features new product pages that showcase the quality of their work and some of the stunning stone objects that are available.
    ORIJIN Stone


  Mill City Running
May 2013

While I've been living and working in my little bungalow in St. Paul, MN for the last decade or so, Rebekah and Jeff were working together down the street in a residential neighborhood at a tiny, but successful running store. They grew their knowledge and expertise, got married and now they are starting their own business in Northeast Minneapolis, dedicated to the active lifestyle that they love and welcoming everyone in the community to participate.

Your Path to Fitness

Mill City Running is a specialty running and athletic lifestyle store dedicated to quality, education and creating community for active people within the Twin Cities. Their goal is to provide education and knowledge to walk-in clientele and through classes and community initiatives.

Design for the Arts helped them establish the visual identity and tagline for their brand in 2 work days. They had a small budget for logo, but came prepared with clear ideas about who Mill City Running was for: Everyone.

Commitment to Exercise and Inclusiveness

Mill City Running's commitment to community and education can be seen in their Twitter feed. They will invite you to marathons, group runs and workshops, and share articles on nutrition and exercise. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, they want everyone to be part of their active community.

VIsit them on or after July 6th at Mill City Running, 411 E. Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.
    Mill City Running


  More Qi Acupuncture
Brand STrategy / Illustration
Design / Website

April 2013

Achieve Health & Balance

Michelle Loken Price partnered with me to create a brand for her acupuncture business that captured the spirit of how she works. Focus on breathwork and movement before acupuncture helps the body open and heal. Her treatment sessions are designed to maximize the health benefits that acupuncture can offer by beginning each session with breathwork and guided stretches. This movement from the inside to the outside enhances qi and promotes circulation.

Michelle and I worked collaboratively to create design and messaging that supports her practice and attracts clients who are ready to engage with their health.

The More Qi Dragon

The dragon was illustrated based on a variety of traditional Chinese dragons. The clean outline gives it a modern feel. The dragon is the More Qi Acupuncture mascot, speaking to the powerful intensity of breathwork and the strength it brings to achieving optimal health.

Targeted Brand Strategy

Our strategy was to create a powerful brand that would resonate through just a few marketing pieces: business cards, website, blog and flyers. These 4 pieces help raise awareness and education on what sets More Qi Acupuncture apart from other acupuncture clinics.

    More Qi Acupuncturetre


  Eureka Recycling &
Good Work Group
Brand, Illustration & Design
Summer 2012 - Spring 2013

A Push for Zero Waste in Saint Paul
and Surrounding Metro Areas

Molly Priesmeyer and Karen Kopacz, co-owners of Good Work Group, partnered with Eureka Recycling to create a brand for their push to help Saint Paul educate residents about how zero waste is achievable through composting, shared knowledge and engagement in the community.

2013 Recycling Guide + Yard Signs and Ads

Karen's hand-drawn illustration that made the zero waste yard signs so popular in Saint Paul in 2012 will also be seen integrating into Eureka Recycling's 2013 Recycling Guide. The guide will be sent to every home in Saint Paul, Roseville and select metro areas. The cat that appears in the 2013 advertisements and recycling guide is Diesel, Karen's cat of 12 years. We always knew he would be famous.

Good Work Group

Good Work Group is a Twin Cities consultancy that helps real people make real connections and create meaningful relationships through brand stewardship and authentic storytelling.
    Eureka Recycling


Brand Strategy / Logo / MENU
February 2013

Good Taste

Design for the Arts has been working with Kopplin's and their brand for a number of years now. What I love about this brand is that it is a work in progress and this flexibility allows for growth. At the same time, we've been very careful never deviate from the core values that have made Kopplin's the benchmark for third wave coffee: good coffee and community.

GOOD TASTE began as a tagline for Kopplin's and has now become it's own overarching brand. GOOD TASTE is more than Koppln's coffee bean roasting business, the brand includes the education and training that Andrew Kopplin offers to local restaurants where they serve beans, and it includes other ways that businesses who care about their product and quality of life engage with the community. The GOOD TASTE blog shifted focus to even more emphasis on community and education, not only with roasting beans, but also on how quality is not just about good coffee, it's also about living a good life.

Letterpress by Studio on Fire

The new menu features a classic black and white design in letterpress, printed at Studio on Fire. It also created an opportunity to raise awareness about the two supporting brands: Kopplin's and GOOD TASTE.
    Kopplin's & Good Taste


  Marisa Martinez
Brand Strategy / Logo / Website
December 2012

Vibrant Jewerly, Silversmithing Classes & Ofrendas (Shadowbox Altars)

Jewelry is rich in symbolism. It tells a story and reflects your inner beauty. It can be a source of hope or a reminder. It can make a promise.

Marisa Martinez handcrafts jewelry that connects to a rich, cultural heritage. Her classes teach youth and adults the joy of beauty and encourage self-esteem.

Craft Culture — Connecting Brand & Message

Design for the Arts worked with Marisa to refine logo, create brand strategy, and design and develop a website to promote her handcrafted jewelry and classes and workshops.

Through deep discussion and audit of existing materials of Marisa's business we reworked her messaging to reflect the rich culture and symbolism of her work.

A website was designed to integrate new messaging and showcase unique jewelry pieces. Users are directed to frequently updated content via social media, shopping cart and blog. The blog was lightly styled to resonate wtih the new brand and populated with topics on upcoming classes and Craft Culture.

    Marisa Martinez


  StoryShed Media
Brand Strategy / Logo / Website
December 2012

Digital Publishing, Writing & Editing

StoryShed Media helps clients tell their stories through content development and writing and editing services for print campaigns, websites, blogs, social media, video, audio and podcasts.

Once Upon a Brand: The Story of Brand Development Through Ongoing Partnership

Design for the Arts worked with StoryShed Media to develop logo, identity, sub-branding for publishing services and a website to promote upcoming publications, e-books and podcasts.

Through continued partnership, the StoryShed Media brand continues to develop, strengthen and create excitement around the first e-book release, "Memento Mori."

Planning for the Future

Strategic planning with short- and long-term goal discussions allowed us to create a project plan with less impact on the Phase 2 budget as the brand grows. Site architecture was structured to support current content and future growth, and was designed to support future conversion to WordPress as the project grows.

Special attention was given to the homepage that places emphasis on upcoming publications, podcasts and KickStarter video that will help StoryShed Media secure funding to assist with the launch of uniquely animated e-book publications.

    StoryShed Media


Brand Strategy / Logo / Website / CREATIVE DIRECTION / Newsletter
November 2012

Creative Thinking Group

IWonder is a creative thinking group in NYC that reconnects people with their natural curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm about ideas. The result is innovative ideas for products, services, names, vision statements and ways of working.

Creative Collaboration

Teaming up with other creative thinkers results in powerful outcomes. The IWonder logo was created to appeal to a wide-reach professional audience and convey a sense of playfulness.

Imaginative Brand

The website integrated this brand attitude and used sourced stock images to visually convey this playful creative spirit with found objects, art and collages. Cohesion was created between the website and the email newsletter campaign by using one of these key collages as the newsletter header. Newsletter content was crafted to further engage audience by linking back to blog posts on the website for Creative Inspiration, Process & Tools, Sustainability and Trends.


  Farm to Fork
Brand Strategy / Website / Newsletter
April 2012

Real Food

With Farm to Fork, chef Kristin Hamaker's job is to make dinner, but it’s also to make connections between her clients and what they eat. Kristin advocates for real food, food that is locally-sourced, seasonally-minded, and produced in a sustainable and organic way.

Real People

Kristin's clients are real people: busy families, professionals, new parents and people who care about being well and eating in a more conscientious way. She feeds her clients as she feeds her own family, making simple, delicious, home-style meals with heart.

Working Together

Design for the Arts has an ongoing partnership with Farm to Fork's personal chef Kristin Hamaker, meeting every 4-6 months to re-engage with her website and marketing strategy. Through deep conversation, goal assessment and detailed discussion of creative direction and content we've strengthened the Farm to Fork brand to convey the real spirit of her cooking philosophy.

Since we've been working together, I've seen Kristin's business grow—so much so that she has a continuously full waiting list of clients.
    Farm to Fork


  Michael Fallon
Strategy / Website
May 2012

Author & Writer

Michael Fallon writes books, magazine articles, essays, and the occasional postcard on all sorts of subjects—art, the 1970s, Southern California, baseball, music, childhood, family, fatherhood. In all of his writing, through all of the subjects he explores, Michael seeks to know more about here and now. This means, when he’s obsessing about the art of L.A. in the 1970s, or about the Los Angeles Dodgers of 1977–78, it’s because he wants to understand today.
    Michael Fallon


  ORIJIN Stone
Brand DEVELOPMENT / Website /

March 2012

offers a comprehensive selection of natural stone products from all over the world. They work with architects, builders, designers, landscape masons and pool contractors. Their clients choose them for their ability to offer the most distinctive products of the highest quality. Each order is hand-selected and shipped — they also have a new showroom, based in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Working Together

Design for the Arts worked with ORIJIN Stone to create their logo and carry their brand vision through to their website.

To promote the website, we work together to craft ads for Google AdWords to reach their specific client audience. Through ad and keyword management and monthly check-ins, we are able to create outcomes that help them connect with new client opportunities.
    ORIJIN Stone


  Meadowlark Psychology
Brand Strategy / Logo / Identity / Website / Poster
February 2012

Enjoying Life's Journey

Meadowlark Psychology was founded to provide warm, caring, expert guidance and support. Dr. Mary Pat Traxler offers confidential therapy and counseling, learning and psychological assessments for kids, and workshops addressing special themes such as coping with stress and children’s transition to school.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Meadowlark Psychology partnered with Design for the Arts to create a logo, branded identity materials, and website design and development.

Working Together

Design for the Arts consulted with Meadowlark to develop identity and shape the focus of the business to carry through the branded materials and website content.
    Meadowlark Psychology


  Good Work Group
Brand Strategy / Logo / Identity / Website
January 2012

Good Work Group helps businesses and organizations build meaningful relationships through authentic storytelling, meaningful content, artful design, Web development, social media, and public engagement.

Working Together

Karen Kopacz of Design for the Arts partnered with journalist Molly Priesmeyer in 2010 to create Good Work Group. Their creative collaborative is dedicated to helping organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs promote sustainable causes, social change, and strengthen community. In Janauary, 2012, they launched their updated logo and website with Good Ideas Tumblr blog.

Karen also designed and developed the Artists In Storefronts featured project, including logo, website, social media icons and promotional flier.
    Good Work Group


  Mary Louise Knutson
Album Design
November 2011

Minneapolis-based jazz pianist and composer, Mary Louise Knutson, has been called "one of the most exciting and innovative artists to happen to jazz piano in quite some time." Her warm, inviting tone, broad range of emotional expression, and distinctive compositions have brought her much recognition on the national music scene.

Design for the Arts worked closely with Mary Louise Knutson to bring her keen sense of visual style to the layout and design of the album.

Her CD release celebration for In the Bubble takes place at the Artists' Quarter in St. Paul MN on Wednesday, November 23rd. or at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis on Wednesday, November 30th.

Mary Louise will be joined by bassist Gordon Johnson and drummer Phil Hey playing standards, including "Bluesette," "Bernie's Tune," "That's All," "It Could Happen to You" and "You Are My Sunshine," as well as some originals.
    Mary Louise Knutson


  David Heide Design Studio
October 2011

David Heide Design is one of Minneapolis / St. Paul's premier architecture and design firms. They work with clients to design, build, restore and decorate in modern and traditional styles, specializing in historic preservation.

Design for the Arts worked with David Heide Design to update their site's look and functionality. In addition to making it accessible to iPhone and mobile device users, we improved design, navigation and site architecture, and created clear and engaging content.

One key refinement to this end was to prominently feature interviews with David Heide Design clients, spotlighting award-winning projects in Client Experience.

We worked with David Heide Design to energize their staff pages by integrating larger photos of the staff, and inviting the staff to share "3 Favorite Things" on each of their pages, making it more personal and fun.

David Heide Design has been featured in a large variety of magazines and publications, including Midwest Home, Old House Journal, Spaces, Arts & Crafts Homes and they have appeared on HGTV's Restore America. They've also been the recipients of over 40 awards from organizations that include ASID, AIA and the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota.
    David Heide Design Studio


  ORIGINS/Developmental Designs
August 2011

Developmental Designs provides middle-school educators with research-based practices that address student behavior and improve student motivation.

This integrated approach invests each teacher and administrator with the ability to remove barriers to academic achievement by keeping young people connected to and engaged in the curriculum.   

Design for the Arts worked with Origins and Developmental Designs to refine logos, create color palette and determine graphic standards for their brand.

    Origns / Developmental Designs


  St. Paul SPOT
Brand Strategy / Logo / Mobile App Icons / Ads
August 2011

St. Paul SPOT is the mobile guide to dining, biking & hiking, places of interest, music, arts & culture, theater, sports and more in St. Paul, Minnesota.

St. Paul SPOT's free mobile apps for iPhone and Android are the best way to stay informed about St. Paul's wealth of culture and events for all ages and lifestyles.

Visit to discover a rich and exciting tapestry of culture and activities in St. Paul, Minnesota.

CONNECT / Facebook / Twitter / Blog

St. Paul SPOT - Download iPhone App

St. Paul SPOT - Download Android App
    St. Paul SPOT


  Stephanie Davila
July 2011

Writer, Editor, Producer, Stylist, and Trendspotter

Stephanie Davila is a former Senior Editor for InStyle, and has written for The New York Times, Allure, New York Post, Delta Sky and more. She is a master generalist with specialties in fashion, beauty, bridal, travel, and lifestyle.

Her experience runs the gamut from market work, styling, writing, editing, producing, and managing editorial teams. In addition to attending Fashion Week for years in New York and Paris, she has interviewed an impressive coterie of designers including Oscar de la Renta, Christian Louboutin, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, and Betsey Johnson, to name a few.

When not writing for magazines, Stephanie works as an online fashion trendspotter for an international forecasting agency.

Design for the Arts worked with Stephanie to strengthen and promote her brand through her website. It features multiple photo galleries that display beautiful visuals from each article along with descriptions and article details.

    Stephanie Davila


June 2011

Bliss Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of yoga classes in a welcoming environment. Located near Como Park in Saint Paul, their Yoga Alliance certified instructors provide group and private yoga instruction in Hatha, restorative yoga and beginners' yoga. Massage and other wellness services to be announced.

Design for the Arts created a logo that unified new typography and an existing logo mark. We matched colors to the paint color in the studio and created vinyl window signs, in white, that allow the logo to pop by installing a window treatment with coral-colored silk fabric inside the studio.

Bliss Yoga & Wellness
    Bliss Yoga & Wellness


  The Moscoe Group
Brand Strategy / Identity system / Signs
June 2011

The Moscoe Group has connected suppliers to retailers for over half a century and is becoming the representative of choice for industry-leading organizations across a diverse landscape of consumer products.

The Moscoe Group is a worldwide retail partner.

Design for the Arts partnered with The Moscoe Group to cohesively extend their updated logo into print and marketing collateral and office signs. Illustrated brand elements were also updated and extended into key collateral.

We integrated QR codes on the business cards that would allow mobile device users to scan the card to bring up a map to one of 3 office locations.

    The Moscoe Group


  Glo Skin Spa
Everyday Brilliance
Logo / Marketing Materials / ADS
Website / TAGLINE / signs

February 2011

Glo Skin Spa offers deluxe spa services commonly found on the coasts, a unique treat for Midwestern spa-goers. Glo offers a warm and approachable environment where you don't have to sacrifice results to enjoy a thoroughly blissful and serene experience.

Working with Glo Skin Spa from the start, Design for the Arts has helped refine and shape the Glo brand throughout all of their marketing materials.

More samples can be seen in the print portfolio.
    Glo Skin Spa


Web Design
October 2010

CRASH+SUES specializes in video production, post-production, media, animation, visual fx, film and music videos.

Design for the Arts and CKY worked together to create a website for CRASH+SUES featuring videos categorized by service, as well as a "latest+greatest" highlight strip.

Focus on brand stewardship and user-friendly navigation resulted in a clean-lined portfolio with emphasis on the most important aspect of the business: their work.

More samples can be seen in the Web portfolio.


  Friendship Through Design
Amanda & Andrew 's Wedding Invitation
September 2010

This special project was an exploration of design, information and illustration with love and community at the core of its message. As my wedding gift to the bride and groom, we worked for months to design, refine, format and stuff envelopes. Their gift to me was feeding me delicious food and wine, but even greater was the gift of deepening our friendship through this collaborative experience. Little did they know that I would be as grateful as they were.

The project included a 6 page invitation, RSVPs, map of the wedding site, calling cards and address labels for envelopes.

More samples can be seen in the print portfolio.
    Wedding Invitation


Book Design
August 2010

ThinkShop is a New York-based consultancy that helps clients like Boca, Orbitz and GE develop compelling brand strategies and successful marketing initiatives.

In order to help clients think creatively and originally about brands and products, ThinkShop crafted ShopTalk: Innovation Facilitation Manual. This 74 page book features innovative project guidelines, process exercises and colorful illustrated, visual templates.

Design for the Arts worked with ThinkShop to create an engaging cover, illustrated charts and a clean and easy to read layout with a color-coded table of contents.

More samples can be seen in the print portfolio.


  Rock Star Supply Co
July 2010

Rock Star Supply Co. places community volunteers into schools as tutors to help Saint Paul teachers and students succeed academically. Their mission includes engaging the creative arts community to offer unique music- and art-based after school activities to foster learning and encourage appreciation of the arts.

Design for the Arts designed and developed the website and partnered with RssCo. to improve mission-comprehension through information architecture and web content strategy.

DFTA assisted in copy editing, headline-crafting, and art direction, and will provide ongoing consultation for brand consistency.

    Rock Star Supply Co.


  The Talent Show
Brand Strategy / WEBSITE / Postcard / Press Release Writing / Social Media
June 2010

The Talent Show features over 40 high-quality craftspeople and fine artists on Saturday & Sunday June 5th and 6th, 2010. Hosted by Rau+Barber in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis, the show is presented by Rare Bird Jewelry, Design for the Arts and Rau+Barber.

DJ Matt Perkins spins and the event features delectable menu created by small-batch coffee roaster Bull Run Roasting and locally-produced food by Tour de Farm.

A silent auction will be ongoing Saturday and Sunday. The Talent Show will donate proceeds from a silent auction to benefit Artists' Access to Healthcare via Springboard for the Arts & The Aliveness Project.

Design for the Arts is co-producer of The Talent Show, designed the logo, website, promo materials, social media and wrote press releases.

    The Talent Show


  Good Work Group
Brand Strategy / Logo / WEBSITE
April 2010 - Present

Good Work Group creates successful outcomes for organizations and initiatives promoting sustainable causes, social change, and a strong community. Karen Kopacz of Design for the Arts partnered with journalist Molly Priesmeyer to create Good Work Group.

Molly and I continue to work together to build Good Work Group, a brand that is dedicated to helping good businesses thrive.

Together we've helped Cedar Summit Farm tell their story and rebuild their brand to help their family-owned farm continue to produce 100% grass-fed milk.

We've worked with Tony and Gina at Honeybee Mobile Market to create messaging, develop brand and an e-commerce website. Their mobile market will help bring real food to food deserts.

And we've partnered with Eureka Recycling to raise awareness about the benefits of zero waste and organizing education in the community.

Meaningful Relationships
& Authentic Storytelling

We're real people helping real people make real connections.

We believe good stories have exponential power. We tell the stories  that drive action, generate awareness, and inspire community.
    Good Work Group


January 2010

Visual artist Richard Barlow creates beautiful, conceptual and collectible work. From silver-leaf landscape imagery from popular and obscure album covers to studies of bromides, horizons and trees, Richard's work is both visually and intellectually compelling. Richard's contemporary artwork can be viewed at

Design for the Arts created the website, logo and branded the downloadable CV.
    Richard Barlow
  Rare Bird Jewelry
Brand Strategy / Logo / IDentity / Jewelry Tags / Gift Certificates
November 2009

Jewelry designer Micaela Clark is best known for her repurposed jewelry and heirloom redesigns. Incorporating bits and pieces of contemporary or vintage jewelry or client heirlooms into a new and vibrant one-of-a-kind piece. Micaela's unique collections can be viewed at

Design for the Arts partners with Micaela on strategic marketing, branding, print and Web design. Rare Bird recently updated its brand to feel more contemporary. The logo and typography were modernized and colors were restyled to be cleaner and more vibrant. The objective was to minimize design so that images of Micaela's complex jewelry designs could shine.

The new site features a sliding photo gallery that beautifully showcases work and is easier (and therefore more cost-effective) to update than a thumbnail-based gallery.
    Rare Bird Jewelry
WebSITE / Ads / Postcards / Newsletter
October 2009

ILevel is New York's premier art installation service, serving clients from the Museum of American Folk Art to David Bowie.

Their site was beautifully designed, but needed a usability upgrade. Navigation was renamed, point size increased and links were repositioned to optimize user experience.

Ad Design | VIEW AD
For Placement in the New York Times

An animated ad campaign was created by Design for the Arts to run in the New York Times Arts & Design and Home & Garden sections.

Illustration used in the ad was featured on ILevel's homepage to reinforce recognition for visitors from the New York Times.

Switching out wallpaper colors and patterns in future campaigns will create a fun, yet distinctive and recognizable look, which can also be used to activate specific markets.
  Sarah Jones: One-Woman Show
Tony Award® Winner
June 2009

Sarah Jones performs on Broadway, TV, film, and, most recently, TED and at the White House. Her one-woman performance in Bridge & Tunnel (produced by Meryl Streep) portrays a variety of vibrant multicultural characters. The Tony® Award-winning play thoughtfully and humorously depicts the experience of being an immigrant and was a popular critics' choice.

Designed for WordPress by Design for the Arts, Sarah's site features performance clips, press and video of appearances on Charlie Rose and Studio 360, and a long list of organizations and causes that have benefited from Sarah's involvement.

An online newsletter campaign was created, allowing Sarah and her team to professionally and easily update subscribers about news and events. The new system allows better email list management, the ability to measure campaign results, automatic elimination of duplicate email addresses and ensures that every newsletter is CAN-SPAM compliant.
    Sarah Jones
  Never Mind the Gear List
Let's Hear the Session Stories
February 2009

Producer Brent Sigmeth has stories. He's participated in recording sessions with everyone from Wilco to Nirvana. Design for the Arts wanted to create a different kind of online experience for this site, one that went beyond the typical gear and client lists.

Once shared over a late night cocktail, a few of Brent's session stories can now be read— and will continue to be posted—online. The site features a 10-page Mojo spread about a Nirvana recording session with Steve Albini. It was Brent's first day of work at Pachyderm studios.

Brent, who is also a writer, shares Session Stories that are humorous and remarkable, from advising Sebastian Bach on whether or not he should be Van Halen's new lead singer, to recording a live version of Doug Kershaw's "Louisiana Man," a song that, in it's original version, was broadcast back from the moon by the Apollo 12 mission.
    Brent Sigmeth
  Plumbing for Thinking People
Smart Plumbing
January 2009

Pipe Dream Plumbing works with residential and commercial properties to maintain, repair and upgrade plumbing and fixtures. They take pride in handling modern or vintage fixtures with care and preserving the integrity of homes or businesses when restoring fixtures or making upgrades.

Design for the arts designed the Website and lead the development of a Helpful Tips section that shares information about frequent homeowner mistakes. For example, letting cats drink from a slow dripping tap, can cause damage over time.

The brand emphasizes Pipe Dream's penchant for getting the job done right and leaving a clean space after the job is done. A witty and intellectual attitude goes a long way to set Pipe Dream Plumbing apart from the hundreds of other local competitors.
    Pipe Dream Plumbing
Branding for Local CafÉ

September 2008

Kopplin's is a small café that serves the best coffee in town. People often missed the tiny storefront with no sign, even when walking by. Design for the Arts designed a vibrant logo that can now be seen in the bay window, on the door and as a lighted, mounted sign above the entrance. The storefront exterior was painted to match the new brand and color palette.

in-café signs were designed for to allow for frequent (and affordable) updates to menu items. After a few collaborative brainstorms, we came up with a solution: a 3-tiered gallery of frames for Coffee, Tea, and More. Menus in square frames hang along the wall where customer lines form. It makes it easy for customers to read, and share details on origin and process notes.

Menus and Website were designed for cross-talk. The menus are updated quarterly with Kopplin's newsletter Good Taste. Newsletter headlines are featured on the menu and prompt customers to get online to read the full articles.
    Kopplin's Coffee