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  Public Field Guide
Stories That Inspire

Public Field Guide tells stories about people who are rethinking how they live and work.

Investing in what we truly value has become an increasingly conscious pursuit. From straight-forward, incremental shifts in daily habits to conscientious innovation and collaboration, these stories remind us to engage ourselves, our communities and our world toward a better future.
    Public Field Guide
  Mental Contagion
Arts & Literature Journal

Arts & literature online journal Mental Contagion was founded in 2000 by Design for the Arts designer Karen Kopacz. The journal published 90 issues of compelling work by emerging and established artists and writers to an international community of artists, writers and enthusiasts. Hundreds of people have contributed and collaborators who share a love of the arts, enjoy writing columns or finding new work from artists and writers from all over the world.
    Mental Contagion
  Rock & Roll Minneapolis
Art Curation / Collectable Booklet

Design for the Arts curated the kick-off art exhibit Rock & Roll Minneapolis for Sauce Spirits & Soundbar. The exhibition focused on local artists who were also musicians. Limited-edition booklets were printed for the openinspg. Booklets included biographies about participating artists and images of the artist and artwork.

Visual Artists
Richard Barlow
Jaron Childs
Matthew Friesen
Jeff Kearns
Ben Weaver
Daniel Corrigan
Stacy Schwartz

Installation Assistant
William Sattler

Rock & Roll Minneapolis

Reconnect With Your Space
    Rock & Roll Minneapolis

Reconnect With Your Space
  mobile art gallery / SPACE
Building Connections in the Community

Mobile Art Gallery exhibits take place at various venues in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to help build connections between local artists, business owners and the community. Reconnect with Your Space was a Mobile Art Gallery exhibit hosted at Stix & Stones Realty in Uptown.

Visual Artists
Michael Sweere
Matthew Plumbstead
Jacob Honer

Furniture Designer
Thomas Oliphant
  Guest Speaker
Interior designer Susan Shehata

Installation Assistants
Katie Bratsch
Carol Sjoquist
    Reconnect With Your Space
Building Connections in the Community

This multi-media event supported visual artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers. Featured work focused on local Twin Cities artists with out-of-town spotlights, including an Italian painter and London-based filmmaker. Informative magazine-like articles were designed to accompany each artists' work.

Reconnect was co-curated with Brian Dehler of DV Cinema, hosted by Creative Electric Studios and sponsored by Mental Contagion and

Visual Artists
Jennifer Davis
Mauro De Martino (Italy)
Gregory Euclide
Adam Marx
Joshua Norton
Matthew Plumstead
Catherine Ryan (CA)
Rebecca Silus
Kathryn Stemwedel
  Video Readings
Gene Dillon (CO)
Karen Kopacz
Wendy Lewis
Dean Pajevic (CO)
Juliet Patterson

onedotzero (London)
Peripheral Produce
DV Cinema Show Reel
The Deaths
Spaghetti Western
Maria May
Christopher Danforth
    Reconnect With Your Space

Reconnect With Your Space Reconnect With Your Space

Reconnect With Your Space
  Art Curation
Contemporary Art in Your Space

Exhibits curated by Design for the Arts feature work by dynamic visual artists and are hosted by businesses in the community. This is a fun, high-energy marketing initiative that supports the arts and the mission of your business or organization. Curation and event-planning projects start at costs less than design of a quarter-page grayscale ad and one-time printing in a local media publication.

Increase visibility of your business or organization by hosting an art exhibit. Design for the Arts selects artists that fit you space and manages events from curation and installation to promotion and removal.
    How the Shows are Promoted
• Design for the Arts Website
• Online newsletter campaign
• Postcards
• Press releases
• Social media (Facebook / Twitter)

Collectable Booklets
Limited-edition booklets with minimal-advertisement are printed for opening receptions. Booklets feature well-written bios or articles about participating artists and images of the artist and key work. Designed to increase awareness about artists and their work, collectable booklets are available for free at openings. The host's venue or business name, Website URL, address and short description are included.

Host an Exhibit
To learn more about hosting an event, exhibiting your work or other ways that you can participate, contact Karen at Design for the Arts.