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Hand Papermaking

Karen is honored
to accept the role
of magazine designer for Hand Papermaking,
a collectable, globally-acclaimed art journal.






Brand Control

Design for the Arts
Mini-Brand Engagement
for Mini-Budgets

We'll review immediate and long-term goals with a short ideation session that can be used to see the big picture for your project (brand map), or hone in on a specific idea (creative ideation). Paired with mini-marketing initiatives, these 2.5 hour packages are smart, powerful, and affordable. Use together for 5 hours of total impact.

Get in touch to schedule your Brand Control session.

  • 2.5 hours brand map or creative ideation (2 hour meeting)
  • Schedule a follow-up session for a 2.5 hour mini-marketing initiative, small design project or web update project to create even more impact

Design for the Arts
Brand Audit

Depending on the amount and depth of marketing materials your business has, your brand audit can consist of a quick consult or a detail-oriented, comprehensive project.

Get in touch for more information.

  • Brand or marketing collateral review
  • Website design and usability review
  • Competitor strategies and trends
  • Recommended approaches to connecting with new or existing communities
  • Recommendations for creating cohesion and updating or recreating materials